HiSpec & Transpower ship our chain direct from the factory overseas so there is NO MIDDLE MAN or head office dictating to us what chain we stock or what prices we set.

This enables you, our customer, to have direct access to the chain importer, you gain the benefits of cutting out the middle man. It also allows us to work closer with our customers ensuring that specialised chains are stocked & held locally, WHERE YOU NEED THEM, allowing quick & easy access to the chains you need, at a price that keeps the accountant happy.

We carry a complete range of transmission chains, conveyor chains, corrosion resistant chains, agricultural chains & specialised attachment chains at each location, allowing our customers that fast & easy access, all designed with the thought process of making your life easier.

Our transmission chain range includes the smallest American & British standard chains right through to 2 1/2" pitch chains, with the full compliment of simplex, duplex, triplex and also sizes available in quad, five & six strand. We will cut any chain to length & never make you take the entire 10ft box, if you only need 6 1/2 feet, then that's what you get.

We proudly stock & distribute SY Sugiyama chain, the premium Japanese manufactured chain, along with a range of other makes suited to your quality requirement & budget.




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