HiSpec's Flat-Free wheels have the bounce and load handling characteristics of traditional pneumatic or air-filled tyres with the huge benefit of never going flat! HiSpec's wheelbarrow, hand truck, trolley and other Flat-Free wheels are non-marking and are manufactured with premium heavy walled steel hubs, complete with precision, rubber sealed ball bearings.

What is a HiSpec Flat-Free Wheel made from?

HiSpec's Flat-Free wheels are manufactured from a solid, micro-cellular, Polyurethane Foam.

This polyurethane foam is made up of millions and millions of closed & open air cells, by utilising both closed & open air cells in the foam HiSpec's Flat-Free wheels have the bounce and rebound charecteristics of air-filled tyres, something lacking in solid rubber tyres, and the advantage of solid rubber tyres by never succumbing to punctures or cuts to the tyre.

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