Founded in 1945 the Deublin name is synonymous with high quality Precision Rotating Connections for Water, Steam, Air, Hydraulic, Vacuum, Coolant and Hot Oil Service.

Rotating Unions are used in many manufacturing processes to cool, heat or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power. Typical rotating unions feature deep groove ball bearings to support the rotating component against the stationary component and balanced, precision-engineered mechanical seals to seal the media flow. Deublin rotating unions vary for each application, depending on design, bearing type, construction and material required.

      Water & Hot Oil Applications                       Steam & Hot Oil Applications



                                          Air & Hydraulic Applications



Extended Life Sealing

Responding to ever-increasing speeds and pressures, Deublin Pioneered Extended Life Sealing (ELS) rotating unions offering outstanding performance under the toughest conditions, and can extend service life two to four times, depending on the severity of the application. ELS unions use advanced materials such as tungsten carbide and silicon carbide to provide the best possible seal solution for the application.

Where reliability is of prime importance, ELS should be specified to protect against contaminants and resist wear caused by rust, scale, chips and other harmful abrasives


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