Our Exclusive System of Engineered Sprockets and Belts

The new Eagle NRG offers a powerful innovation in synchronous drive systems. With up to 25% more power capacity* and static conductivity**, it’s a revolutionary upgrade to the original Eagle Pd® – and even more advanced than standard round-tooth belts and chain drives.

Goodyear Engineered Products Eagle NRG advantages:

  • Up to 25% more power capacity
  • Static conductivity
  • Up to 19dB quieter than straight tooth belts
  • Over 1,500 possible sprocket combinations
  • Rated for continuous service at 200° F
  • Up to 98% energy efficiency

Eagle NRG’s patented Helical Offset Tooth (H.O.T.) design merges belt and sprocket into the quietest, smoothest and one of the most compact synchronous drive packages available. The result is a continuous rolling tooth engagement that reduces vibration and improves the overall efficiency of your drive system.

Goodyear Engineered Products Eagle NRG offers the following:

  1. Flexten® Tensile Member – pound for pound, stronger & more flexible than steel to handle today’s drive design. Resists fatigue, elongation and shock loads, even in high-torque conditions, so there’s no need to retension Eagle NRG belts once properly installed.
  2. HiBrex® Rubber Compound – resists tooth deformity while increasing tooth rigidity to ensure precise synchronization over prolonged use. Also resists the effects of oils, coolants, heat and ozone for maximum service life.
  3. Plioguard® Facing – proprietary treatment strengthens the tooth, increasing load carrying capacity. Reduces tooth engagement friction, allowing for prolonged belt life and minimal wear while allowing the belts to operate in a wide variety of environments.
  4. Color Spectrum System – color-coded part numbering system of belts and sprockets make it easier to select proper drive combinations. Match the color and you’ve matched the correct belt and sprocket



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