A high performance synchronous belt with a universal profile, Goodyear's Blackhawk Pd offers maximum performance for your synchronous application. This high performance belt offers best-of-breed technology and higher horsepower for the money. It's proven durability and strength makes it a compatible upgrade for many other timing belts.

Blackhawk Pd belts feature the same premium materials found in our top-of-the-line goodyear Eagle NRG, with strength and durability as part of the Goodyear heritage, maximise the performance of your timing belt application with a belt upgrade designed to deliver you longer life and less maintenance.

Tooth Profile

The demands of synchronous drives put additional strain on the belt and tooth surface, for high speed & low speed applications. The Blackhawk Pd tooth profile resists ratcheting and provides accurate positioning for synchconous drive applications. Upgraded Hybrex materials & tooth profile enable the teeth to engage the sprocket smoothly.

Hibrex Rubber Compound

This cross-linked elastomer is formulated to resist tooth deformity and increase tooth rigidity, increasing belt life and decreasing replacement costs. Compared to other belts in it's class, Hibrex is up to 7 points harder with twice the tooth shear. It's chemical stability resists the effects of oils, coolants, heat & ozone.


 Flexten Tensile Members

These tensile members provide excellent dimensional stability and high impact strength. Operating at constant tension, Blackhawk Pd requires little retensioning and less drive maintenance.


Plioguard Tooth Facing

Designed for higher loads and abrasion resistance, Plioguard facing provides a reduced coefficient of friction so that the belt meshes easier with pulleys. The nylon facing is enhanced with Hibrex which can provide 6-7% better abrasion resistance.



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