Founded in 1946, Sugiyama Chain Co. (SY) has long been focused on constant improvement & expansion of their roller chain product range. A technically innovative company, SY pioneered 'Solid Bush, Solid Roller' chain technology resulting in their superiour 'Silver SBR', fully API Approved, range of standard chains:


This comittment to technology & advancement has lead to the development of one of the highest quality ranges of transmission roller chain in the world. A recent improvement to the SY standard range of chains has lead to a 30% increased maximum allowable load, this on top of SY Chain's already superiour capacity & exceptional life. Making SY's standard range of chain far superiour in almost every application & all this with no additional costs passed on to the end user!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition to this Superiour Capacity standard range of transmission chains, SY has developed specialised chains to deal with the most demanding of applications. One such chain is an exclusive development by SY with worldwide patents, the SY DOUBLE CAPACITY transmission chain provides exceptional wear & operating life in the toughest of environments, for lifting & haul up applications there is nothing better:

For dimensional information & capacities etc, please see the below information from SY or contact us:

BS Roller Chain

ANSI Roller Chain

Heavy Series Roller Chain

SUPER Roller Chain

Stainless Steel (SSS) Chain



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