SY Double Capacity Chain 



SY Double Capacity Chain is a single strand chain that offers the same ultimate strength as a double strand chain.

For heavy duty drive applications, SY Double Capacity Chain allows the user to dramatically increase their ultimate tensile strengths without going to the extreme of duplex chain & sprockets. This provides the user with huge cost savings & the ability to increase a drives capacity, even within tight space confinements seen with many applications.

For drives where you need that extra strength & durability you truly can't go past SY Double Capacity Chain, in applications such as haul up or lift tables there is nothing available on today's market that even comes close to the superiour design & capabilities.

This was seen with SY 180 Double Capacity Chain recently used on the drilling rig employed to drill down & help free the trapped Chillean Miners.

For further information on SY Double Capacity chains please see the below pdf file or contact one of our team members to discuss.

SY Double Capacity Chain



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