Developed to fill the void between plated, carbon steel chains & stainless steel chains, SY Aqua Chain is THE ONLY 100% TRUE Aqua Chain.

Utilising an exclusive treatment process, SY Aqua Chain gives you all the strength, wear resistance, load capacities & life of regular chains with an exceptional corrosion resistance. SY Chain's Aqua Treatment process IS NOT a plating onto the surface of the chain, it is a special chemical treatment which treats into the surface of the chain components before assembly. Plates, Pins, Bushes & Rollers are all treated resulting in a corrosion resistant chain that stands the test of time & unlike plated styles of chain, doesn't begin to rust the instant that surface plating is cracked or worn away. With SY Aqua Chain you literally have to wear past the surface of the chain components before exposing the untreated steel, giving you outstanding corrosion resistance.

The below graphic shows standard carbon steel chain, Nickel Plate chain, Stainless Steel chain & SY Aqua chain after a 15 day, Indoor, 5% salt spray morning & night:

As the SY Aqua treatment is a process used on the chain components prior to assembly, the SY Aqua treatment is available throughout the entire range of SY chains. We hold extensive stocks of SY Aqua Chain in all branches & can have any special requirement for the SY Aqua Chain satisfied via the factory direct in Japan. 

With this in mind SY Aqua Chain is perfect for any of the following applications & industries:

  • Any & All Outdoor Applications
  • Wash Down Applications
  • Irrigation Applications
  • Fertilizer Equipment
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Bottling Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Mining Industry
  • Anywhere corrosion is an issue

For more information please see the below pdf file from our catalogue or call one of our team to discuss your requirements.

SY Aqua Chain



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